Digital Business Transformation


The Digital Economy changed business models and processes

- even outside the digital world.

Tags: agile marketing, business model innovation, data driven marketing, digital leadership, digital marketing, lean startup, mobile marketing, open innovation, think digital


What is it all about?

Our working environment and understanding of new processes and technologies is subject to constant change. Because of the almost complete penetration of our live through the digital economy (technology, processes, understanding), we have to deal intensively with it.

Proven leadership and management strategies of the last decades considered increasingly obsolete. Digital Business Transformation and Business Model Innovation engages the values influences but also tools of modern Internet society and the Generation Y and creates an altered hierarchy and leadership understanding. This Agile management means in consequence but also change in openness, transparency and knowledge management. As so often, there is no universally valid blueprints for successful strategies. Many factors such as industry, product, competition, target groups and more influence on the "perfect" digital transformation strategy.


What do you learn?

The digital transformation specialisation for your MsA gives you the right incentives, current methods and working tools and ideally the personal digital strategy for present and future entrepreneurs, founders and executives.

  • Fundamentals of digital transformation
  • Technologies, methods, success strategies,
  • Disruption & game changer
  • Business models innovation
  • Digital Transformation = sustainable change
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lean startup
  • Design thinking
  • Challenges for management, the team, the company.
  • Implementing change processes, communications, marketing, product, sales, services continuously, sustainable and iterative
  • Digital Leadership = Agile Leadership
    Communication, networking, openness,
    Software & Tools for Digital Business Management
  • Open Innovation
  • Silicon Valley methods
  • Digital Marketing 2.0
  • Scrum for marketing, project and product management
    Digital Curation & Social Forecasting
  • Working with community & crowd
  • Data Driven Marketing: Big Data, Smart Data, growth hacking, Analysis, Monitoring, Prediction Tools and performance review


Das Upgrade umfasst je Semester 25 Seminarstunden.

Die gesamten Studiengebühren für das Upgrade betragen 525 Euro je Semester.

Digital technologies are empowering customers like never before, transforming how they discover, explore, buy, and engage with brands and products.

To compete in the face of digital disruption, you need the knowledge to transform.


Vorlesungsbeginn Wintersemester 2016/17:

22.09.2016 Bachelor 13.09.2016 Master

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ICN Social Project

Hey everyone! On December 18th, we will be active for Action Contre la Faim for the first time. ICN Business School, or more specifically, our Freshmen colleagues are planning a Vernissage, auctioning art like paintings or scultpures they have created themselves. A part of these earnings will be contributed to Action Contre la Faim! … [Read more]

Bachelor & Master in Management

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Nachrückplätze 1 Master - 4 Bachelor noch frei wintersemester 16/17

Wann? Jeweils um 10:30 Uhr

Wo? Maxfeldstraße 5, 90409 Nürnberg


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Strategic Seminar

Die ICN richtete ein 3 tägiges Strategieseminar für einige internationale Bankvorstände aus! Hier findet ihr Genaueres.

Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei unseren Partnern, die unsere Gäste auf ihrem Firmenareal willkommen hießen.




ICN's Graduation Ceremony of our bachelor and master students 2015! Here you can discover the major speeches of the Ceremony:


Vortrag "Product Development by Yves Saint Laurent"

Herr Foglino war am 25.4 an der ICN und präsentierte spannende Einblicke in die Thematik: Corporate Brand Management und die wichtigsten Meilensteine in der Fashion- und Luxusindustrie.


Neues Upgrade

Norbert Barnikel wird das neue Upgrade "Digital Business Transformation" anbieten !!!


französischer botschafter

ICN Campus Nürnberg 12.02.2015: Besuch des Französischen Botschafters, Berlin Phillipe Étienne, General Consul Jean-Claude Brunet, Consul Dr. Matthias Everding, Wirtschafts/Universitäts Attache Roul Mille

Gespräche mit der Leitung und Diskussion mit den Studenten waren für alle Seiten hoch interessant.

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