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ICN Bachelor of Business Administration (Diplome Sup´Est accredited by the French Ministry)


With the Bachelor program, you acquire a first academic degree with a three years standard period of study.


At a glance
Study language: Englisch Start of study: Winter semester
Term: 6 Semesters ECTS: 180
Form of study: full-time Degree: Bachelor
Study Abroad: 2 Semesters (mandatory) Internship: 8 + 12 weeks (mandatory)



Studying international Business Administration @ ICN Business School

The world is globalized, because the Business world is globalized. Even small and middle-sized companies compete on a global level to sell the best products and services to their customers worldwide. In many large and even middle-sized companies you will experience the unspoken fact that English is the company’s main language.

The whole ICN Business School Bachelor of Business Administration program is lectured in English to make you familiar with the no. 1 business language.
Studying at the ICN Business School will give you the opportunity to dive into this international atmosphere, get the knowledge required to work in an ever changing business world and explore and develop yourself on a personal and professional level.

Besides the ICN Business School’s state-of-the-art curriculum our pedagogic work enables you to learn and hone your skills to be a responsible and creative business leader.


The 3rd study year abroad – explore other cultures

France, USA, China, Canada, Australia. Or a mix of it?
An integral part of your development is the open-mindedness that we at the ICN Business School see as a crucial part of your development. That’s why we make sure that you’ll go abroad during your Bachelor for at least one year. You can chose the English track at our main ICN Business School Campus in beautiful Nancy, or you can study at one of our 93 partner universities. Strengthening your intercultural competences is the key to a satisfying professional future.

So which language do you want to learn? Which culture do you want to explore?
We at the ICN Business School will open the door to the world for you. All you got to do is, to go through it.


Double degree – if you want more

To broaden your horizon and give your career an extra boost, the ICN Business School offers you the opportunity to obtain a double-degree in association with one of our 10 partner universities. So where would you like to receive your second degree?

Check the list and find out which region in the world will be your next step to success.


Internship – experience for yourself how business works

Just imagine the following situation. You work in Human Resources and you have to decide which applicant you have to employ for the job. What would be your main objectives besides the international orientation of your candidate?

By experience and knowledge. The knowledge will be transferred to you by the curriculum and the top experts at the ICN Business School.

You’ll gather the important experiences during your two internships which are mandatory at the ICN Business School. In your first year at the ICN Business School you have to do at least 8 weeks of mandatory internship and in your second year you will do at least 12 weeks of mandatory internship. With these 20 weeks of mandatory internship and the broad curriculum of the ICN Business School you have a good orientation where your heart is and if you want to work in your most favourite field or if you want to deepen your knowledge in one of our Master programs.


Being internationally orientated and open-minded are the keys

To be a top-notch in your field of expertise you have to develop a diversified skill-set. Internationality is one of these skills. The students at the ICN Business School come from more than 70 countries, our professors from more than 45 countries and you will learn at least three languages.

Furthermore, at the ICN Business School we’ll teach and coach you to make sure that you’ll get all the knowledge in a case-study and business-related way. By teaching all these contents in English, we ensure that you’ll be 100 % proficient with the theoretical concepts and the words of Business Administration. All this in a context which is taught by experts who will also reflect with you on the latest trends and the hot topics of the current business world.


Do you have questions?

Studying Business Administration at the ICN Business School is the perfect entrance to an international business career. If you have further question about the program of the ICN Business School, feel free to contact us and talk to our study consultants. To experience yourself and find out if this is your path into the future, we’ll offer you the opportunity to visit us at our Open Days.


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The Bachelor program prepares our students optimally and provides diverse possibilities of deepening through various Compact Business Seminars.



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