Marketing & Brand Management


This specialization provides a wide range of relevant and current topics in the area, and it blends the art and the science of branding.


I chose the International Brand Management program because it allows a singular view of marketing and more generally of the firm. Indeed, when we work on the base of company's positioning or on brand base , we are able to understand the totality of the business strategy. This view is part of the ARTEM spirit and it is enforced by the Nurnberg’s frame. Evolving on this campus is a real advantage in order to consider the firm world with an international way. This program gives us the real key of the “creative thinking” in order to be manager , who are able to have a global and unique point of view about the professional world. Rey Ysatis, Student WS 14
The specialization at ICN Business School prepares you with the strategic, analytical, and creative skills required to become a brand manager who is able to identify opportunities and offer the consumer a distinctive and superior value.
The program provides a strong foundation in
Workshops provide an experiential learning platform in which the student can apply the conceptual framework and integrate it with instructors from marketing related disciplines such as graphic and industrial design, photography, or audiovisual communications.
The contents of this program have addressed the needs of Global Firms that demand new perspectives and creative ideas.
The program is entirely taught in English in the Nuremberg Campus. Global companies such as Adidas, Puma, GFK, or Siemens have located their headquarters in the region.
Experienced people in Business and Academia will participate in the program through teaching or project supervision.

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