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Prof. Dr. Gérald Duffing
Programmdirektor Grande École Nancy

The Master in Management (Grande École Degree) program trains tomorrow’s professionals to be able to perform across the boundaries between management and other disciplines.Students receive a thorough grounding in management disciplines. This gives them the confidence to confront, after many experiences both in the classroom and off-campus, a wide range of challenging and unique situations to which they will be asked to provide innovative solutions.
Teaching methodology on the Grande École Degree seeks to develop in students the ability to be creative and innovative, and be fully aware of the consequences of the decisions they take. To achieve this, action is put at the center of the learning process.
Student associations, projects, working with students from other disciplines, internships and study periods abroad … are just some of the tools which students will be able to use to develop their professional profile. Throughout this learning process, students will have the opportunity to develop skills in the area, or areas, of their personal choice. In this way each student can, step by step, prepare his or her career plan, helped by a personal tutor who accompanies students from the moment they enter the School.
The ICN Grande École Degree - Master In Management - is fully recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education & Research (Visa, and Master Level).

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