After graduation, two options are open to you:


Karriere – Ein Abschluss, zwei Wege…


Begin your professional career


Graduates from the ICN Bachelor Degree have an operational profile which is very attractive to companies.
As a young graduate you can use, on a daily basis, your openness and flexibility of mind, your ability to convince, to adapt and to apply the knowledge and skills learnt whether they are technical skills or commercial or human skills.
It is a package which will give you confidence and for which you will be appreciated both for the quality of the skills and the training.
A wide variety of careers is open to ICN Bachelor Graduates: Head of Sector, Commercial Attaché, Product Manager, Publicity Manager, Chargé de Mission, Communications Manager, Client Advisor, Project Manager, Team Manager, etc.


Continue your Studies with a University Master Program


Viele ICN Absolventen vom Campus Nürnberg setzten nach ihrem erfolgreichen Bachelorabschluss ihre akademische Laufbahn durch ein Masterstudium fort.

Dieses können sie sowohl an Universitäten in privater oder staatlicher Trägerschaft an diversen Studienorten, wie London, München, Mainz, St.Gallen, Nancy, oder auch Los Angeles beginnen.

An der ICN in Nürnberg werden zwei unterschiedliche Masterstudiengänge in International Brand Management oder in Banking & Insurance angeboten. Weitere Masterprogramme gibt es darüber hinaus an der ICN School in Frankreich, z.B. in Luxury and Design Management oder International Business Development. Weitere Informationen dazu gibt es unter:



VA Certified Programs Approved for VA Benefits

VA Certified Programs Approved for VA Benefits 




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